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QuarkNet Developers' Wiki

This is the Developers' Notebook for the NSF-funded QuarkNet e-Labs education project. The e-Labs are a science education project where teachers guide students through real scientific investigations using real data obtained directly from major physics experiments and real Grid computing resources.

If you are not a developer, please visit our public web sites:
  • e-Labs ( -- The e-Lab home page
  • QuarkNet ( -- The QuarkNet home page

  • Take a look around - for a complete list of topics, visit the WebTopicList. The latest changes are listed on the WebChanges page, and via an RSS News feed.

  • "Join the Crew!" - if you are a new member of our team, either as a software developer or an e-Lab developer, then see this page: ForNewMembers.


  • Telecon Agenda -- The agenda for the upcoming developers' conference, held (nearly) every Wednesday morning.
  • Meeting Minutes -- Minutes of teleconferences and other meetings from 2007 on.
  • Project Evaluation -- How we will evaluate the success of our project.
  • Workshop Schedule -- schedule of workshops, and the Google calendar for e-Lab developers.
  • For New Members -- Background and useful links for getting started with software or e-Lab development.
  • Making An e-Lab -- Main steps in the development of an e-Lab development.
  • Study Guide References -- The relationship between milestones in the study guide, their pop-up references, the logbook and other references.
  • Raspberry Pi -- Notes on getting started and setting up EQUIP.
  • How e-Labs Work - The developer's guide to the e-Lab webapp source code
  • System Administration -- How to manage the QuarkNet servers at Notre Dame
  • Developer's Reference -- IT reference, including software installation notes.

Development discussions and/or notes

  • Neutrinos - Working topic for neutrino physics Masterclass/e-Lab
  • Posters - implementation notes for "Tell Others" milestone
  • WebDesign - guidelines, principles, and references for web design
  • UserDatabase - notes on task 2.5.1 to integrate Forum/Wiki and e-Lab user databases
  • Proxy Issues - Proxying web pages. Caching proxies (eg squid). Setting nocache for images. Reverse proxying.
  • Entry Points - comment on how to set up links into the site from outside and handle logins with load-balancing
  • News Box - notes on a front page news box
  • RSS News - how to use RSS news for front page news or to track wiki changes
  • Google Placemarks - notes on how to create and use Google Earth "placemarks" files
  • Collaborative Tools - discussion forums, wiki's, collaborative logbooks and other such tools
  • Logbook/Discussion test site - (Note that you also need to create an account there to be able to post there, separate from your TWiki registration, because the two are currently hosted on separate servers.) Some background, motivation, and related notes on logbooks may be found at LogbookDiscussion
  • Cosmic Extra Variables - discussion of how to include temperature and pressure measurements from DAQ cards
  • Execution Choices - working area for background material for students on choices for execution.
  • Integrated Interface
  • SVN Repository -- How to access and work with the ELabs SVN source repository.
  • Git -- How to use Git with our present SVN repository.
  • The Drupal site -- IT-oriented discussion of the website
  • ELabs Priorities


  • Cluster Power-Up Checklist - what to do whenever cluster machines are rebooted or powered up after maintenance.
  • Cluster Operations - Cluster operations and system maintenance
  • Failure Recovery - how to recover from loss of a disk or a machine in the cluster
  • Release Process - description of the test, commit, and release policy and procedures (THIS IS THE OLD VERSION)
  • New Release Process - description of release strategy and rollout prodcuedure (NEW VERSION, STILL BEING WRITTEN)
  • Running Tests - Explains how to run tests manually (the deployment scripts automatically run tests after a deployment).
  • Database Cloning - Important consideration
  • Conference Call - how to schedule our weekly conference calls
  • Screencasting for TAs - an example of a screencast for TAPs, using software such as that freely available at

Testing and bug tracking

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