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Meeting Notes for 4 November Present: Joel, Liz, Bob, Mark, Ken Drupal Site Ken reports that when ANL rebooted the server, it reset how pages are created in Drup...
NEW - 2015-11-17 - 21:08 by jgriffith
Meeting Notes for 11 November Present: Joel, Bob, Edit, Ken, Liz, Mark, Sudha Cosmic * Recent error submitted regarding duplicate files. The resolution is to ...
NEW - 2015-11-17 - 21:41 by jgriffith
Meeting Notes for 18 November Present: Joel, Edit, Liz, Bob, Mark, Sudha, Ken Cosmic * Duplicated files: Edit has rolled out code to fix. Some discussion of t...
NEW - 2015-11-19 - 17:05 by jgriffith
Meeting Notes for 25 November Present: Joel, Liz, Bob, Mark, Sudha, Ken e Labs * Users hitting login cap: general support for an admin function usable by teac...
r2 - 2015-12-02 - 16:15 by jgriffith
Meeting Notes for 2 December Present: Joel, Tom, Liz, Bob, Mark, Sudha, Ken Mailing lists * Mailing lists maintained at Argonne ( are used for ...
NEW - 2015-12-02 - 18:21 by jgriffith
QuarkNet Developers' Wiki This is the Developers' Notebook for the NSF funded QuarkNet e Labs education project. The e Labs are a science education project where...
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